My 2014 Halloween Costume: The Wolf From CRY_WOLF

Okay, so I've decided what I am going to wear this year as I take my son trick-or-treating.  Drum roll...The Wolf from CRY_WOLF.

As many of you know, CRY_WOLF is one of my all-time favorite teen slashers.  It's APRIL FOOLS DAY meets SCREAM.  The best of both worlds.

If you've never seen the movie, then shame on you.  You automatically lose 27 friend points.  It's the story of a group of high school kids you realize that they know each other too well, so they decide to play a prank on the entire, creating a serial killer based on a recent murder in the small town.

The killer they've created -- The Wolf -- comes to life as their fictitious murder spree they've invented is coming to life.  But a good slasher isn't complete without a few twists.  Cue my APRIL FOOLS DAY reference.  But wait!  There's more...yet another twist that brings the story full-circle.

The movie has been out since 2005, but I'm just now getting around to being the The Wolf.

More pictures are sure to follow as Halloween approaches.
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