Michael Myers' paramedic escape in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION was planned since H20!

Let's set the record straight once and for all...Michael Myers' escape at the end of Halloween: Twenty Years Later (revealed in Halloween: Resurrection) was planned from the get-go.

Allow me to elaborate.

Many Halloween fans feel like the opening to 2002's Halloween: Resurrection is a total cop-out and completely neglects the [fantastic] ending to 1998's Halloween: Twenty Years Later (or H20 as it'll be referred to as). How so? Well, at the end of H20, Kerry Tate/Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) decapitates Michael Myers, finally ending his 20-year streak of terror.

And in 2002, in Halloween: Resurrection, we're shown that Michael Myers actually incapacitated a paramedic and swapped clothes with him, leaving Tate/Strode to kill the wrong man.

Well, I'm here to tell you that not only is it not a cop-out, but this exact escape plan was put into motion while filming H20. And there are two reasons we know this. One: it's been stated by producers that Akkad was assured that Myers wouldn't die and that the wrong man was killed.

Let's dig in...

End of H20 (in Halloween: Resurrection), Myers' severed head.

Paramedic tending to Myers, filmed for Halloween: Resurrection.

Filmed for H20, finally shown in Halloween: Resurrection.

Filmed for H20, finally shown in Halloween: Resurrection (note the 'paramedic' font style).

Myers' severed head, filmed for Halloween: Resurrection.

Filmed for Halloween: Resurrection (note the different 'paramedic' font style).

Filmed for Halloween: Resurrection.

Pretty conclusive, if you ask me. Michael Myers' paramedic escape was planned since H20. They even filmed a portion of Michael Myers walking through the Hillcrest gates wearing the paramedic uniform during the production of H20. Halloween: Resurrection merely picked up where H20 clearly left off.

Love it or hate, it is what it is. Many fans of the Laurie saga end the series at H20 anyway. I don't blame you.

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