Stalking STALKER: S01E04 - "Phobia"

A couple days late, but I did manage to peep the newest episode of STALKER, this one titled "Phobia".  The stalker in this episode is a slightly different kind of stalker -- he stalks his prey, figuring out what their deepest fear is, and then acts on it.  Not usually the kind of thing in my ballpark, but I liked it.

Stalker -- S01E04 -- "Phobia"
Like the previous three episodes, this one starts off with the typical cold opening (which I love, by the way).  It focuses on a lady who just gets home from a bad blind date, she takes a shower, gets out...and the lights go out.  Darkness, her biggest fear.  An unknown assailant steps out of the shadows equipped with a pair of night-vision goggles -- reminded me of Buffalo Bill from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS -- and gets his kicks by watching the lady freak out, running into things and crying.

The main difference in this episode if that the stalker's main objective isn't too kill the victims, just to scare them using their deepest fear.  However, murder does come in to play towards the end of the episode when one girl's biggest fear is drowning.

Of course, this episode contained the same method of operation as the others: the team collaborates to catch the psycho.  Case closed.  It was a decent episode, nevertheless.

We didn't really dive into the subplot with Jack, but we did get a deeper glimpse into Beth's subplot.  A character we met in the first two episodes returns, and he has a thing for Beth.  A stalker-ish thing, which looks like it could be climaxing soon.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode, but I can't wait to see what they have in store for next week's Halloween episode!

Next episode: S01E05 -- "The Haunting"
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