Sunday Funday At The Pumpkin Patch

So we spent Sunday at the pumpkin patch -- Anderson Orchard in Mooresville, Indiana to be specific -- and fun was to be had.  I want to say that I remember visiting this place as a kid on school field trips, but nothing felt familiar.  And it seemed small.  But don't the size of Anderson Orchard fool you, there are tons on the grounds.

I may be used to bigger places like The Apple Works in Trafalgar, Indiana or even Waterman's Family Farm in Indianapolis, but we had a blast at Anderson.

We picked pumpkins, ate apples and bought some cool shit from the gift shop -- okay, so we just bought some apple cider and honey sticks.  The pictures don't do them justice, the pumpkins we picked are huge!  My son, Chase, just had a blast climbing over all them.

Now time to start carvin'!

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