Welcome To A Piece Of My World

Welcome to NickMeece.com, my personal setup.  Although most of my time is consumed by either being a father, writing something, running Sequel Buzz or visiting local haunted houses for Haunted House Indy, I'll try to be fruitful here as much as possible.

Excuse all the AdSense ads, running [now] three sites isn't free, you know.

I'm a movie junkie so expect a lot of movie-related posts and miscellaneous movie merchandise.  I also tend to catch some TV programs from time to time so I'll be sure to rant about those as well.

I've included a blurred picture of Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in FIGHT CLUB pointing to a cigarette burn up top for your pleasure (note: I also use that same picture for a lot of my backgrounds and/or cover photos).

Hope you find what I have to say entertaining, at the least -- but even if you don't, I'll post it anyway.

So, welcome to my personal blog!
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