Mail Call: Dino Drac November '14 Funpack is here!

Ahhh!  My Dinosaur Dracula November Funpack has arrived!  And in the immortal words of Frank the Tank, "He looks glorious!"

As with the October Funpack, I couldn't tear this thing open fast enough (there's even evidence of this in the accompanied photo).

Once again, Matt doesn't disappoint.  This thing is loaded with all sorts of magical, nostalgic, goodness.  My favorite piece probably being the M.U.S.C.L.E. toy.  I remember these from my childhood and I have Matt to thank for the flashback!

Here's a rundown of the Funpack...

  • Thanksgiving Mini-Poster!
  • Dino Drac Specimen #4: A Piece of Urkel-O's Cereal!
  • Boxed Half-Set of TMNT Trading Cards!
  • "Unofficial M.U.S.C.L.E. 1-Pack," with Crude Packaging Designed by Me!
  • "Arco's Ark" Animal Toys. (Gas Station Giveaways from Long Ago!)
  • A Full-Body E.T. Necklace...Wear It with Pride!
  • A Pack of Tiny Chiclets! Yes, They Still Exist! Yes, You Can Chew Them!
  • Other Things that I Hope You'll Enjoy!
So, once again, thank you, Matt, for all that you do!  Can't wait for December's!
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