Classic Christmas: December, 1989

This past Thanksgiving, while at my mom's for dinner, I found myself looking through a box of old photos.  In the box, I found an old Christmas photo from December, 1989.  It's one of classic "sitting on Santa's lap" pictures.  In this one, it's me and my cousin at a log cabin in our hometown.  I chose not to blur out my cousin's face so I could take a second to point out those eyeglasses.  You can laugh now.

So here's the photo in its entirety.  Why me and my cousin are holding hands, I have no idea.  But let's take a second to examine a few of the particulars of this photo.

First on the docket is me.  Yeah, that's an Osh-Kosh flannel, tucked in.  Don't hate.  Okay, you can hate.  The jeans are probably Levi's.  The look on my face is like, "Yeah, I'm here, and that's Santa.

Now let's zoom in a little...

Yes, that's a Michelangelo figure from the 1989 line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures!  And this one had the rubber head (from the original run).

Notice how in the photo of mine, the weaponry is still intact.  Needless to say, I still have the figure, but the weapon was lost long  ago, maybe even minutes after this photo was taken.

And lastly, let's look at Santa's mustache...

Hard to tell, but I vaguely remember this event in my life and I'm pretty sure this Santa has peanut butter smeared in his mustache.  He smelled peanut buttery so I can only assume he was eating something with peanut butter right before my cousin and I hopped onto his lap.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down one of my many memory lanes.

Thanks for reading!

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