Ridiculous moments in the first seven minutes of BATMAN & ROBIN, with pictures!

This might actually end up being the first part of a many-part series.  I originally set out to write a post about the most ridiculous moments of the second Joel Schumacher-directed Batman movie, BATMAN & ROBIN.

Instead, I found myself with a plethora of screencaps -- all in the first seven minutes of the movie!  You know, the moments that made you face-palm yourself.  The moments where you realize that it is painfully obvious that Tim Burton had zero association with this film (he served as producer on BATMAN FOREVER).

Let's get this thing started, shall we...

Oh, for crying out loud...Batnipples!  Eek!  What the hell was the costume department thinking?!  Who approved this?  Sadly, this is our first look at the Dark Knight in BATMAN & ROBIN.

And, yes, that trend continued with Robin's wardrobe.  Just...what...the...hell?  Oh, but it didn't end there...

Batbutt!  Although, to be fair, we got our first glimpse of Batbutt in BATMAN FOREVER (albeit Kilmer's had a zipper up the crack).  But did we really need to see this again?

And, of course...

Batcrotch!  Oy.  Why must the caped crusader be over sex'd?  Come on now.

Yes, the trend continued with Robin as well...

Also, on a side note, I don't agree with the use of double symbols (on the chest and belt).

Oh, this scene right here.  Not so much the delivery of the line or the line itself.  But the framing of Clooney and his face just don't sit well with me.  This is almost as bad as Kilmer's smiling Batface in BATMAN FOREVER.

And let's not forget the look of Victor Fries, also known as Mr. Freeze.  Not just his look, but his ice puns throughout the movie are more than cringe-worthy.  But, he did make for a cool action figure!

Now, what could have been a cool scene of Robin smashing through the doors on his motorcycle was ruined with the perfect cut-out of the Robin logo in the smashed-up aftermath.  However, I'm sure younger Nick thought this was just the coolest thing ever.

So there it is.  Ridiculous moments from the first seven minutes of BATMAN & ROBIN.

Also, in the scenes later in the film when Batgirl is suiting up, why couldn't we get the gratuitous nipple and butt shots there?!  Pretty convinced this film was made for little kids and women.

Thanks for reading!
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