First six pages of FIGHT CLUB 2 released!

Finally!  We've finally got our first real look at FIGHT CLUB 2 and I couldn't be more psyched!  Now granted, these are only the first six pages, so it's hard to really get a grasp on where the story is going, but it's definitely nice just to see these characters again.

From someone who absolutely loves the first movie and has read the book (twice!), there's most certainly a story to be told with these characters.  And just the comfort of knowing that mastermind Chuck Palahniuk is behind this sequel is a giant breath of fresh air.

So what are you waiting for?  Read it!

So what did you think?!  Is there really another story to tell?  With the above imagery and dialogues, it's apparent that Tyler Durden is about to make his presence known.

FIGHT CLUB 2 pages courtesy of Playboy.
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