Stalking STALKER: S01E16 - "Salvation"

Okay, folks, we got a good one last week.  Last Wednesday's STALKER, titled "Salvation", took a page from one of Kevin Williamson's other shows, THE FOLLOWING.  A young woman believes she is being stalked by proxy by her ex-boyfriend.  Well, it turns out she couldn't be more wrong.  In fact, she's being group stalked.

Stalker -- S01E16 -- "Salvation"

During the cold opening, we meet a young lady who is still relatively new to Los Angeles -- and as she's making her way up the stairs in her apartment building, she runs into, what she believes is, a harmless stranger.  Everything's fine until the stranger begins talking about the woman's ex-boyfriend.  The girl panics and races to her apartment.

So naturally, she believes she is being stalked by proxy by her ex.  But she's wrong.  In fact, she's being creeped on by a stalking group.  Yes, you heard right.  A stalking group (see photo above).

It all traces back to a cult-like organization.  Our heroine soon realizes that the organization is being ran by someone she used to know back in Illinois.  Yeah, it's no coincidence.

The man's attempt to capture the girl and possibly brainwash her is foiled by the TAU.

Okay, the subplots.  On Beth's part, Ray is the definitive leader between him and Perry.  Ray has mortal plans for all of the Beth's associates.  And as for Jack, he finally gets a night where his son will spend the night, playing video and eating pizza.

Now for the kicker.  After Jack's ex-wife drops her son, and as she's leaving, she's attacked by Ray.  It's violent.  And we aren't sure if she's dead or not.  Shocking ending, for sure.

Next episode: S01E17 -- "Fun and Games"
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