Stalking STALKER: S01E19 - "Love Hurts"

Well, we're down to our final two episode of the CBS drama STALKER, and truth be told, I'm bummed about it.  But, that's showbiz, I suppose.  Nevertheless, this column must go forth!

Stalker -- S01E19 -- "Love Hurts"

"Love Hurts" started with a bang.  The cold opening was very SCREAM-ish.  Which, again, this being a Kevin Williamson-created TV show, does not surprise and is hugely welcomed.  A woman comes home to an empty house, goes through what I'm assuming is her usual nightly routine -- glass of wine, a little music, shower, etc.

The woman hears a strange noise in her house.  You know, the kind of thing that happens in every horror movie ever.  This is no different.  Once the attacker finally appears, I was instantly reminded of a darker version of the CRY_WOLF killer (see photo above).  Which I loved, by the way.

Long story short, the woman is murdered.  And wouldn't you know it, this is just a case for the TAU!

Now, with Beth's subplot officially closed, we're really only left with Jack's, which we get none of this episode.  But that's okay.  Spoiler alert: Jack and Beth kiss!

However, did this turn out to be an story with a twist ending.  After a series of red herrings, and the stalker is revealed, it's then later revealed that this episode's perp is just that, a stalker and nothing more.  He hasn't killed anyone.  This can only mean that a serial killer is on the loose!

What's disappointing about this revelation, though, is that there is only one episode left.  Period.  STALKER was canceled so this is a major bummer!

Until next week...

Next episode: S01E20 -- "Love Kills"


  1. Still can't believe there's only one episode left...

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