This SCREAM 4 Ghostface robe is to die for

Okay, so I finally got my SCREAM 4 robe from Lil Shop of Horrors -- and let me just say, it's phenomenal!  Incredible!  Excellent!  All of the above!  I can't express how much I love this damn thing.

For years I (and we've) been stuck with the lame watered-down versions of the infamous Ghostface robe from Fun World.  But thanks to a handful of independent artists out there, we now have a selection of high quality SCREAM robes.

I chose to go with a SCREAM 4 look for my setup.  So I went with the non-sparkle robe and I alternate masks on (either the reshoot mask or the super-white mask).  So needless to say, I need another mannequin to display this bad boy on.

Here's a couple more running shots I got of the robe...

And here's a larger version of the header image...

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