Thoughts on SCREAM TV series' first eight minutes

In case you missed it, MTV released the first eight minutes of the pilot episode of their SCREAM TV series yesterday.  It has been received with mixed reactions -- while some have absolutely loved it, others have loathed it with a fiery passion.

If you haven't watched it yet, please do so now...

So what'd you think?  Personally, it's not bad.  It's not great either.  Nothing in the clip came as a real surprise, though.  Mostly because these scenes have been played to death in TV spots and promos.

I'll give the show a fair shot -- because I'm super into serial killer dramas (THE FOLLOWING, STALKER, CRIMINAL MINDS, etc.).

Bella Thorne's murder was no Drew Barrymore 2.0, but it'll do, I suppose.  It is TV after all...they couldn't really drag that opening out eighteen minutes I guess.  Or they could they?  Image a forty-four minute could be glorious!  But, alas, they need viewers -- and these kids today won't hang around for a payoff.

The use of cell phone technology was a little predictable -- we've seen it before in CRY_WOLF.

Nevertheless, I'll be tuning in June 30...will you?
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