Tuesday Knight's NIGHTMARE maxi-single is simply amazing!

Awhile back, actress/singer Tuesday Knight, known to horror fans as Kristen in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER, offered up a deluxe edition of the hit single "Nightmare."  That's been a few months ago.  And I had completely forgot that I had even ordered it until it arrived yesterday.  So, needless to say, I jammed out to it on my way to and from work yesterday (and a little bit today!).

Let me just say that having this maxi-single is a real treat -- it's easily the best thing to come out of the NIGHTMARE franchise since the 1980s.

Just look at the cover art alone.  Phenomenal and totally nostalgic -- a throwback to when horror thrived, Freddy, in particular.

And though Tuesday Knight had a tall task of replacing Patricia Arquette as Kristen, Knight did something no other NIGHTMARE star has done...and that's give us one helluva main titles/theme song for the movie.  I'd even rank this song up there with Dokken's "Dream Warriors" (which was used in ANOES 3: DREAM WARRIORS).

And as you can see, we're given seven different variations of "Nightmare," but we're also treated to a few other gems ("Maria" being one of my faves.).

Now, this is special maxi-single was a limited run only, but if you check, there may be a couple left.  You can order one by visiting Tuesday's official website here.

If you were lucky enough to snag one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  And I just want to give Tuesday a great big "THANK YOU" from all of us NIGHTMARE fans!

What did you think of the EP?


  1. Damn... your so lucky you got a copy. The rest of us fans seem to be in limbo as to when or if more copy's of Tuesday Knight's Nightmare EP CD will service on her website or on any online stores? And I don't want to get it for 200 on Ebay!

    1. I just consider myself fortunate that I just happened to see when she posted that the CD was available for pre-order nearly a year ago.

  2. I'm in the lucky too as after the first batch sold a few more were made available for 40 bucks and I was lucky enough to snap one up!

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