Midnight Society Entry 10: "The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun" (S01E10)

This adventure of the Midnight Society starts off on somewhat of a sad note, as we learn that one of the members, Eric, grandfather has died.  And from his death is where he gets the idea for his story after his was given a hat that had the "magic of the pixies."  His grandfather told him that if you ever catch a Leprechaun that they cannot refuse a trade, no matter how unfair it may be.  All you have to say is, "Mine be yours and yours be mine."

AYAOTD? -- S01E10 -- "The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun"
Originally aired October 17, 1992

The tale begins with a young boy being pursued by a ratty-looking Leprechaun.

No, that's the young boy.  This is the ratty Lep...

...see?  Here's a better look.

"Cut out that screaming, boy -- or else I'll eat out your liver!"

But, it all ends up being fake.  A stage play that comes to a halt when the boy trips and falls.  The cast and crew call it quits for the night.

Jake, the young boy, wants to be an actor more than anything and this is his first attempt.

Jake asks what the director is drinking and his assistant tells him it's his own recipe for an herbal tea.  She gives the Jake the recipe but doubts he'll be able to track down the ingredients.

The director calls Jake over to practice a scene.

He instructs Jake to close his eyes and enter another realm.

Jake is instantly in some sort of garden/green house.

He's there in search of the ingredients for the the special tea.

But upon reading the list, the worker grows anger, "How dare you bring this here!"

We're then shown some underground dwelling where a mysterious voice (presumably a Leprechaun) talks about how the boy (Jake) will be his for all of time.  Not creepy at all.

And just like that, Jake is back on stage, rehearsing.

In the midst of rehearsals, the director tosses Jake the bag of tea and he takes a drink.  During his monologue, his voice begins to deepens.  The director tells him to "let himself go."

So Jake consults someone who might know what's going on...

...yes, the gardener.

The gardener attends Jake's last rehearsal before they open and immediately knows what's going on.  But it might be too late.

The two discover that Aaron, the director, is a banshee.  And he's wanting Jake as a sacrifice.

But the two form a plan to reverse the spell on Aaron.

And this might prove to be a grave mistake.

But wait!  Is the gardener, Sean, going to save the day?

Uh-oh...Jake was turned into a frog!

But fear not!  With a quick spell, Sean returns Jake to his human form.  Jake beat the banshee.  But really, Sean did.  But oh well.

I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed.

Next episode: S01E11 -- "The Tale of the Dark Music"
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