Midnight Society Entry 11: "The Tale of the Dark Music" (S01E11)

The episode kicks off with Frank furiously rushing to the camp site.  He's mad that one of the other members left him without a flash light.  Come to find out that Frank is afraid of the dark.  The other members give him shit, but they finally settle down for tonight's tale.

AYAOTD? -- S01E11 -- "The Tale of the Dark Music"
Originally aired October 24, 1992

The tale starts of with Andy on his daily paper route.  We eventually see that Andy and his mom, along with his little sister, have just moved in to a new house.  And his mother hilariously tries installing new blinds by throwing them into place.

Actually, they're moving into an uncle's old house.  Andy's mom asks him to go down to the basement and see if there's a ladder down there.

Andy looks a little nervous.

He reluctantly ventures down into the basement and stumbles upon an old radio.

He plugs it in but nothing happens.  He then yells upstairs for someone to flip a light switch because he needs power -- even though he already turned on a light in the basement.

Nevertheless, his mom flips a switch and the radio comes alive.

As Andy is tinkering with the radio, an old door in the basement begins to move, attempting to open.

Suddenly the door swings open and a pair of glowing red eyes emerge...

...and a voice calls out, "Hello Andy...COME ON IN!"

Andy screams.

He accidentally knocks the radio off the table and darts upstairs.

Andy returns to the basement with his mom.  They check out the room that old door leads to -- just an empty storage room.

His mom picks up the broken radio and asks what it is.

Next, we're treated to this little bit of awesomeness.

The neighborhood punk/bullied is being bullied by his father, who appears to still be wearing his prison pants.

Andy rides by on his paper route, tosses a paper towards the house and knocks over a bucket of soapy water that gets all over the bully.

The bully chases Andy back to his house, where he has nowhere to hide except the cellar.

Once in the basement, Andy starts getting a little creep'd out and is startled by his little sister.

Later that night, while sitting in the living room, Andy can be seen drawing what is quite possibly the worst drawing ever.  Obviously he's trying to draw the door in the basement -- and failing miserably.

Later, Andy inevitably finds himself back down in the basement, doing laundry.

Whilst doing the laundry, he has music playing in the background, on what I think might be the most retro AM/FM radio I think I've ever seen.

Suddenly that weird door creaks open and the scariest thing ever emerges.

A human doll!  What the fuck?!

Shockingly, this is the only reaction Andy can muster...

...and we've seen him have a more drastic response to a simple set of glowing eyes.

But this bitch is scary.  Like, real-life scary.

Suddenly Andy's mom turns the light switch off and the doll-lady retreats back into the room and the door slams shut.

Andy swears off the basement for good.  But the next day, well, here he is...

...doing the fucking laundry...again!

And the radio begins playing music...again!

The door opens again, and this time, there's a carnival going on inside the room!

The carnie reaches out grabs Andy and turns into a skeleton.

And and unknown force tries to pull Andy in.

Andy unplugs the radio and the skeleton carnie disappears.  I think our boy might finally be figuring this thing out!

Andy leaves to go find his mom and tell her about his new discovery...but he runs into the bully.

And a little Nickelodeon violence ensues...

...and it's friggin' hilarious!  Andy gets punched again and the bully throws his bike out into the street.

Andy concocts a plan to trap the bully in his basement and blast loud music.  It works.

Andy turns the music off and goes to check on the bully, Coda.  He's gone.  But there's a brand new bike down there.

Suddenly a blue glow emits from the door and a voice tells Andy that he can have anything he wants, as long as he keeps "feeding" it.

Andy sisters calls from upstairs and demands Andy cook her dinner.  He looks back to the room with a sinister grin.

What the hell?  Is he going to feed his sister it?  Probably.  One of the more morbid tales so far -- therefore, I LOVED it!

I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed.

Next episode: S01E12 -- "The Tale of the Prom Queen"
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