Dedicated to Wes Craven, THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER shines

I was able to see Nathan Thomas Milliner's THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER at HorrorHound Weekend.  In fact, I had to catch the encore screening Saturday night (the film debuted Friday).  With a packed room, I was ready to see what Milliner had constructed.

Many of you know Milliner as the artist behind a lot of Scream Factory's DVD and bluray covers.  Well, guys, you'll know him now as a filmmaker.

CONFESSION is a true piece of art.  Milliner shows his passion for the material in a true love letter to the franchise.  I loved it.  In fact, I feel almost everyone in the auditorium loved it.  A roaring applause erupted as the film concluded.

Kevin Roach does a marvelous job bringing his own version of the Springwood Slasher to fruition.

We've always known that Fred Krueger was released on a technicality -- and now, we finally get to see what that is.

CONFESSION is set to be released via YouTube on Monday, September 14 at 2:28 PM.  (Which is 14:28 military time...get it?)

I loved it.  And I'm sure you'll love it.  Must see.

Visit the film's official Facebook page here.


  1. Awesome. Added to my Watch Later. Had no clue about this, so thanks for the heads up!

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