Don't ever forget Disney's PHANTOM OF THE MEGAPLEX

Okay, so this isn't a horror movie -- at all -- but that's okay.  Because Disney's made-for-TV movie PHANTOM OF THE MEGAPLEX has all of the makings of a great Halloween special (despite having nothing to do with the holiday).

Like I stated earlier, this isn't a horror movie in the least, but it is a fun little PG-rated whodunit.
Phantom of the Megaplex is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie, produced by the Disney Channel. With a title and concept very loosely based on The Phantom of the Opera, the film concerns strange happenings at a monstrous megaplex on the night of a major movie premiere gala, Midnight Mayhem. The central character, played by Taylor Handley, is Pete Riley, the 17-year-old assistant manager of the theater. He has to cope with malfunctioning equipment, disappearing staff, and a broken popcorn machine, among other headaches. He investigates to see if the troubles are coincidence or the result of sabotage by a mysterious "phantom". The senior manager of the theater is played by Rich Hutchman, and Ricky Mabe, Julia Chantrey, Joanne Boland, J.J. Stocker, and Lisa Ng appear as other employees of the theater. Caitlin Wachs and Jacob Smith play the central character's younger siblings, and Heather and Jennifer Bertram appear as his girlfriend and her friend.
Mickey Rooney shows up as the theater's old projectionist named Movie Mason -- who is always spouting off about how the times are changing -- and how movies aren't "magical" like they used to be.  A couple of his speeches kind of, sort of, make sense.

I can't seem to find the movie for sale anywhere, and that's a shame, because I'd gladly buy 13 VHS copies.

You've seen this gem, good for you!  If you haven't, I demand you track it down...someway...somehow.

The movie is on YouTube, but's the quality isn't great...

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