HARVEST OF FEAR & THE PATH OF EVIL, a forgotten Halloween-themed franchise!

In the clutter of straight-to-video madness, there are oftentimes movies -- and sometimes series -- that get lost in the chaos.  Well lucky for you I stumbled upon them back in their initial releases, because HARVEST OF FEAR and THE PATH OF EVIL are two worthy movies that make up an entertaining franchise.  And the best part?  They're Halloween-themed!

Let's take a closer look...

Killing Is In The Air

So what is HARVEST OF FEAR?  Here's the synopsis...

Medical intern Billy McKinley arrives in the small town of Devil's Lake and finds himself thrust into the middle of a mystery as a string of unsolved murders start just as the annual Harvest Festival is about to begin. The murders happen to be similar to those of 20 years earlier. Has the original killer resurfaced or has a copycat come to take his place? Now, Billy must find a killer and save the town before it's too late.

Interested now?  You should be.  Because although it's not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, it's a great midnight movie for the month of October.

Check out the trailer below!


So...interested yet? Now let's take a look at the sequel...

After 20 Years...The Serial Killer Has Returned!

Yes, it's true, HARVEST OF FEAR got a sequel called PATH OF EVIL, which, judging from the look of the killer and the tagline, it looks to be a HALLOWEEN ripoff.  But, story-wise, it's not...at all.

Here's the synopsis...

Twenty Years ago the small coastal town of Devils Lake fell victim to a bizarre string of brutal murders. Deputy Jake Barker's parents were among the victims. As suddenly as the killings began, they stopped. Now it's happening again. Haunted by the memory of his murdered parents, Jake is determined to solve these killings no matter the consequence.

There's no denying the killer looks almost exactly like Michael Myers, but that's what I love about DTV horror movies.  They usually "borrow inspiration" from larger movies to help sell themselves.  And I'm 100% okay with that.


Sadly, I couldn't track down a trailer for THE PATH OF EVIL, so I'll just leave you with this shot of the killer.