Small Screen Scream Part 10: "Revelations" (S01E10)

So last week was the season finale of MTV's SCREAM -- and although predictable at times, it offered a nice resolution to the season -- but still manages to leave a few questions unanswered.  There's also a nice little tribute to Wes Craven at the beginning.

So that was nice.

SCREAM -- S01E10 -- "Revelations"

The episode picks up at where it ended last week, at the Halloween dance.  Emma gets a phone call from the killer while a live video of a tied-up Sheriff Hudson looms over the dance.

Emma tries to call Kieran but he ignores the call.

Noah figures out that the killer is broadcasting the video through his AV feed -- and he hopes to track the location of the source.

Meanwhile, Brooke is at her party.  And for some reason, her and Emma's texts aren't reaching each other.

Back at the dance, the killer calls Emma and exclaims that, "It's gonna be gut-wrenching!"

At the police station, Maggie discovers that there's something lodged in the dead officer's mouth.

Maggie recognizes the object has a carved heart necklace that Brandon made for her years ago.  And she tells Emma that he used to leave her gifts in the tree behind her house.  Emma puts two and two together and realizes that may be where the killer is holding Hudson.

Back at Brooke's party, she's frightened by an impostor killer!  Actually, it's just a classmate trying to scare her.

Needless to say, Brooke snatches the mask from him.

Audrey and Brooke somewhat "bond" at the party.

And of course a drunken Jake shows up.

At Maggie's old house, they find Hudson tied up, still alive.  Maggie cuts him loose but as soon as she does, his intestines spill out everywhere.  A carefully crafted form of execution by the killer.

Piper tells Emma that she'll go check on Brooke's party.

Jake's getting cozy with his date.  But it's all an attempt to make Brooke jealous.

Noah pinpoints the location that the feed was originating from, as well as the malware that was causing their phone to malfunction.  It's originating from Brooke's house.

Noah tells Emma to call the police, but as soon as he does, Emma receives a message from the killer.  "No cops, or they will all be headline news."  The killer is listening.

Jake admits to Brooke that he was spying on her via her webcam.  But it was only so he could look after her.

Meanwhile, Jake's date stumbles upon a dead body, which sends the party into a stir and everyone bolts.

The killer attacks Audrey but it cuts away before we see anything happen.

Brooke re-emerges to the party and sees everyone is gone.  Brooke gets spooked and darts back inside.

As soon as she does, Branson appears at the door.  He explains to Brooke that the killer showed up at the jail, killed a guard and let him out -- he didn't know how it would look so he ran.

Suddenly, the lights outside go out and Branson disappears.

Brooke approaches the door slowly, the lights come back on and the killer is standing there, staring at her.  She panics and takes off running.

Brooke runs to her father's work shop and hides in, you guessed it, the same cooler that her dad stored a dead body in.

The killer locks her in and begins stabbing blindly into the cooler.

Lastly, the killer plugs in the cooler and leaves Brooke for dead.

Outside, Emma and Noah pull up and immediately spot Piper's car, covered in blood.  And they see her phone and broken glasses lying on the pavement below.

Emma and Noah cautiously approach the house and hear a noise coming from around the side.  Suddenly, Kieran appears, with a gun.  It's all good though, everyone's just spooked.

Emma confronts Kieran about him supposedly visiting Cassie James.  He denies it.  Emma informs him that his dad is dead.

The three of them split up to find everyone else.  And Noah delivers arguably the best lines of the show so far.  "I am not in favor of splitting up.  I am not three days away from retiring.  I will not be right back."  Classic!

Outside, Noah finds Audrey and inside, Emma and Kieran find Jake and Brooke and save her.

Emma gets a call from the killer, instructing her wear to meet.  She doesn't tell anyone she's leaving.

Emma gets to the dock where Brandon James was killed and sees her mom tied up.

The killer arrives.  Emma demands that the killer take off the mask.

And the killer is revealed to be Piper!  She is Brandon and Maggie's long lost daughter.

A fight ensues on the dock and Piper goes overboard.  As she's climbing back up a bullet smashes through her forehead, sending her to a watery grave.  The shooter is revealed to be Audrey.

Right before she shoots Piper, Piper says, "I have one more surprise for you and you'll never see it coming."  But we don't find out what the surprise is.  And we learn that Audrey had some sort of previous connection to Piper.  Hmm...

Until next season...
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