Happy 34th Anniversary, HALLOWEEN II (1981)

Thirty-four years ago today, we were treated to more of the night HE came home!  And you know what?  It was awesome!  It was 1981's HALLOWEEN II!

It wasn't quite the same level as the first, but what do you expect when John Carpenter locks himself in a hotel room with a six-pack and a typewriter?

HALLOWEEN II is the first movie in the franchise where we learn that Jamie Lee Curtis' character Laurie is actually the younger sister of Michael Myers (a plot twist I still don't fully like).  And also the first time the song "Mr. Sandman" was used in a HALLOWEEN film (despite what director Rick Rosenthal thinks).

Myers is an unstoppable monster this time around -- and this sequel is actually the most fun to watch on TV in October...especially if you have an older VHS recording of it!