Scary movies recorded VHS tape, from 1993!

We all have them.  You know what I'm talking about.  A VHS tape with a couple scary movies on it that was recorded from the TV.  And not just any old recorded horror VHS tape -- but one of your earliest ones.  One that really helped pave the way for your fandom into horror.

Well, guys and girls...I found mine.  A VHS tape of recorded "horror" movies from 1993!

Now before you laugh uproariously at the misspellings on the label, just remember: my mother made this for me.  But she's actually a good speller, which makes this tape that much better!

Though only three titles are written on the side, there are actually four programs on the tape.  And they are...
  • Beetlejuice (written as Betelgeuse)
  • Chris Cross (S01E02 - "It's a Jungle in There")
  • Ernest Scared Stupid (written as Earnest Scard Straight)
  • Leprechaun (somehow spelled correctly)
I just recently popped this tape in and watched it from beginning to end -- and guys -- things just ain't what they used to be.  Showtime, which these tape was recorded off of entirely, used to have arguably the best Halloween lineups ever in what they called Showtime Halloweekend!

The video above is what I managed record with my cell phone.  I know it's poor quality, even for a VHS.  But oh well.  You get the gist.  And the sporadic "black screens" is just the age of the tape.  SORRY!  But other than that, this tape rules.
I was six when this tape was made for me.  And you remember how blank tapes used to come with all sort of stickers and extra labels?  Well, being a six-year-old, I made use of them.
I made good use of the numerical stickers, counting to seven, because if memory serves, that's all there was.
And there you have it!  My recorded VHS tape of scary movies from 1993.  Hope you enjoyed this trip back to my youth (and hopefully yours too!).
Do you have anything similar to mine?  Please share!
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