KRISTY proves the slasher genre isn't dead!

Have you seen the movie KRISTY?  If not, you're doing yourself a grave injustice.  The movie actually came out in 2014 as a Lifetime Original Movie (what?!), but is now streaming on Netflix.  I can best describe this movie as this: If SCREAM 2 and URBAN LEGEND had a baby and THE STRANGERS and YOU'RE NEXT had a baby -- and those babies had a baby -- it'd be KRISTY.

Now I can gush about KRISTY all day, but the movie isn't without its flaws.  One of the biggest being the setting.  Are we really supposed to believe that the main character, Justine, is the only student still on campus during Thanksgiving break?  Well, according to the script, yes.

Also, Justine literally had endless hiding places on campus to elude the killers.  But where's the fun in that?  In fact, the third act of the movie sort takes a page from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Justine channels her inner Kevin McCallister and starts to fight back (which, in this movie, is perfectly set up early on).

There isn't much a supporting cast, unless you want to count the two security guards who are offed early on or the half-baked groundskeeper who bites it later on.  No, this is mostly a solo show with Justine, who is constantly being called Kristy by the four attackers (one girl, three guys).

As for the attackers, the ringleader (the girl) is Violet, played by Ashley Greene.  The three guys are nameless and mostly faceless (they wear masks made of tin foil, which are actually pretty terrifying).  Violet first meets Justine at a gas station earlier in the night when Justine is on a snack run.

Now why are they trying to killer her, you ask?  The killer-quad is out to kill all Kristys.  A Kristy is a girl who is pretty, privileged and Christian.  Kill Kristy, kill God.  At least that's their train of thought.  Actually, they're part of a larger picture -- members of a deep web cult that are determined to kill all Kristys across the country (the deep web website encourages members to upload photos and videos of their work).

But here's the catch: Justine isn't really a Kristy.  All a misunderstanding, really.  See, Justine wasn't supposed to be alone over the break.  A rich friend was supposed to stay with her and decided to go home at the last minute.  But she's leaves Justine her car (a BMW) in case she needs to run any errands.  So she uses the BMW for the snack run where she encounters Violet.

What stuck with me most about this movie is that it's very much a teen slasher disguised as a home invasion flick.  And it's brilliant.  And KRISTY fills a holiday horror gap that should've been filled years ago with a Thanksgiving slasher.  It's also very atmospheric, which is always a plus.

I highly recommend KRISTY.  And huge thanks to Camera Viscera for pointing me in the right direction!

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