HALLOWEEN 6 reunion with Paul Rudd? Sold. I'm in. (Updated)

If you haven't heard (it was announced last night), there's going to be a cast reunion for Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers -- better yet, Paul Rudd will be in attendance!  You read that right, H6's Tommy Doyle will be there!

This is huge. Paul Rudd has barely mentioned Halloween 6 in the twenty years since its release.  He's gone on to great success in Hollywood, and good for him.  And, finally, good for us -- for getting him in not one horror convention, but two.

The con I will be attending is the Horrorhound in Indianapolis in September, but he's also slated to appear at Monster Mania in August.  Just insane.  And I can't wait.

From their Facebook post:
You didn't think Night of the Creeps was our only reunion this year, did you!? We have a big announcement next up as this September 9-11 in Indianapolis, Indiana we will be celebrating with HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS – THE REUNION!

Who is set to attend this amazing reunion? We have star Paul Rudd, A. Michael Lerner, Devin Gardner, J.C. Brandy, Marianne Hagan, Mariah O'Brien, and Susan Swift!

Susan Swift is fun name indeed for horror fans. On top of playing in Halloween 6, she plays the title character in the 1997 horror classic Audrey Rose. Later roles included Burned at the Stake, Harper Valley P.T.A., and the "What If?" episode of Amazing Stories.

In Halloween 6 – PAUL RUDD portrays "Tommy Doyle" – but is very much well known for his other film credits, including the recent films Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. Anchorman, Clueless, I Love You Man, 40 year Old Virgin, and so many more! Paul will be appearing Saturday/Sunday ONLY and will signing for charity. VERY IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that with Marvel and Paul's schedules, we are at the mercy to potential scheduling issues!

A. Michael Lerner co-starred in the Michael Myers role in Halloween 6 – is a stuntman – who also has worked on such projects as Total Recall, Shawshank Redemption, Invaders from Mars, The Jackal, Barton Fink, Mississippi Burning, and many others! Marianne Hagan portrays "Kara Strode" in Halloween 6, and can also be seen in such films as Stake Land, Dinner and a Movie, I Think I Do, BreadCrumbs, and many others!

J.C. Brandy plays "Jamie Lloyd" in Halloween 6 – but has a number of additional killer credits, including Devil in the Flesh, Dogstar, Prometheus Bound, Prank, and the TV series Wolf as "Angeline Bacarri."

Mariah O'Brien appeared in Halloween 6, The Mod Squad, Being John Malkovich, and Lovely & Amazing!

Devin Gardner portrays "Danny Strode" in Halloween 6 – as well as A Kid Called Danger, which came out a few years later.

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Will you be attending one of these two cons?

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To no surprise to anyone, it has just been announced that Rudd will not be attending the conventions due to contractual scheduling complications. Cough, Avengers 3, cough.

From their Facebook:
I am very sorry to post this. We have just been informed that Paul Rudd has been forced to cancel his appearances due to contractual obligations that were not foreseen. These issues are out of Paul's control - and were introduced this morning. His booking agent has spent all morning trying to fix the situation to no avail. We feel horribly that this cannot work out and we apologize to everyone for the disappointment it no doubt brings.
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