Happy 11th Anniversary, CRY_WOLF!

You should all know about my love for the 2005 slasher Cry_Wolf by now.  So it should come as no surprise that I'm celebrating the film's eleventh anniversary.

Released theatrically on September 16, 2005, Cry_Wolf was received with mixed reviews.  Personally, I had a few friends who hated the film, complaining that it was "all fake."  Me, duh, I loved it.

And really, the film isn't fake.  It all comes full circle in the finale.  The payoff is great.

Check out the original trailer that was released for the PSP below...

The film's viral marketing campaign was second to none.  There was an awesome AOL Instant Messenger game you could play, where you could IM The Wolf and he'd message you back with sinister clues.

Even the film's website was super cryptic with hidden portals and whatnot (I may resurrect that site for a later post).

What are your thoughts on Cry_Wolf?

Thanks for reading!
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