Hey Vern! Be Ernest P. Worrell for Halloween!

So you're thinking about being Ernest P. Worrell for Halloween, huh?  Good call.  I don't blame you.  In fact, it's crossed my mind once or twice as well.

If you're wondering where to start, then fret not, I got you covered.

As for the obvious stuff, you can't go wrong with a pair of slim/straight Levi's.  And any vintage or athletic fit gray shirt will work, too.

But, say you want to take it a step further.  Maybe you want to resemble the "Hey Vern! It's Ernest" doll.  Well, I got you covered there as well.

Available in the MorbidMuch store.

The tee can be purchased here.

Think I'm full of shit?  Here you go.

"Hey Vern! It's Ernest" doll.

Boom.  See, the Ernest doll is wearing a shirt with his name on it.

Next up, the shoes.  Ernest's exact shoes can be purchased here.

Modern version of Ernest's exact shoes.

And next, the hat.  Any fitted or flex fit khaki hat will do.  There's a cheap hat on Amazon here.  It's an adjustable fit, but so what.  It's cheap.

And lastly, the vest.  Ah, the denim vest.  Ernest's exact vest can be purchased on Amazon here.

Modern version of Ernest's exact vest.

So there you have it.  The Ernest P. Worrell wardrobe.  Add it all up and you get this...

Ernest P. Worrell

Enjoy.  You're Ernest.
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