The curious case of the killer look-a-likes!

Have you ever gotten movies confused because two movies might have very similar looking characters? I have. In fact, it's more common in horror movies. And I know of three horror films that have extremely similar looking killers.

They are Cut, Final Stab and Cut Throat. Now let's get a better look...

CUT (2000)

Okay, now we'll cut Cut some slack (oh, god, that pun!) because it was the first of these three films to be released. The movie revolves around a group of filmmakers that decide to finish a movie that began production twenty years earlier. And as fate would have it, the same mysterious force that halted production back then resurfaces. Did I mention it stars Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue?


How here is where things start getting a little redundant. Final Stab tells the story of a rich socialite who throws a party where she plans to use all the cliche horror tropes to trick her guests for a murder-mystery weekend. But alas, a real killer shows up and begins offing the guests. As you'll notice above, the killer also wears the same kind of coveralls as the killer from Cut and even has a bald latex mask with the mouth sewn shut.


Okay, let's just get fucking bonkers now. Cut Throat tells the story of a group of filmmakers who truly believe they are making the next Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. I bet you've guessed the killer twist by now -- there's a killer on set killing the cast and crew dressed as the killer from their movie. There is a subtle difference in the killer this time around: he appears to be wearing a slicker like the killer from I Know but he still has a bald mask with the mouth sewn shut, although this one appears to be more scarecrow-ish. But still.

So there you have it...three low-budget slashers with almost identical killers. It's easy to see how a casual fan might confuse the trio (similar plots, to boot).

Here's the bat-shit ridiculous, but awesome, trailer for Cut...

Have you seen any of these movies? Opinions?
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