I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER has the best chase scene ever!


I recently sat down and watched I Know What You Did Last Summer on Blu-ray for the first time ever.  And although it isn't the greatest transfer ever, it was still cool finally seeing in glorious 1080 high definition.

But towards the end of the movie when the fisherman kills the cop and Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) escapes from the cop car I totally remembered that this may be the greatest chase scene in slasher movie history.  Bold statement, I know.  But I'm going to try to back it up.

Hear me out.

So Helen gets out of the cop car and the chase is on.  She runs to her father's store, Shiver's (which should be "Shivers" or "Shivers'" but oh well).

And this is where the chase turns into a nice little homage to Halloween.

Helen gets to the door but it's locked.  She's screaming for her sister, Elsa, to come and open the door.

And the fisherman is still in hot pursuit.

Elsa finally lets Helen in before the fisherman can reach her, but Elsa clearly is annoyed with Helen as she demands she go and lock the other door immediately.

Helen runs upstairs to call the police as Elsa goes to lock the other door -- but she's too late, the fisherman has already gotten inside the store.

Elsa turns around...

...only to come face-to-face with the fisherman.

And that encounter doesn't end well for Elsa.

Helen hears Elsa's scream from upstairs.

Poor Elsa.  But this is a horror movie.  She was a bitchy older sister -- she had to die.

Curious, Helen goes back downstairs to see what's going on.  She walks back to the front door and slowly turns around to see a plastic-covered "mannequin" that doesn't quite look like the others.  Suddenly, the "mannequin" leaps out at her -- it's the fisherman.  He tackles her over a table and she gets away.

And just like that, the chase is back on.

Helen runs to the back of the store...

...only to find Elsa's dead body.  Helen screams in terror and turns and climbs onto an old pulley-style freight elevator and begins pulling herself up, narrowly avoiding the fisherman and his hook.

But once she gets upstairs, she sees he's already there.

Panicking, Helen runs to a back room with no exit...except for a window.

Just as the fisherman swings his hook at Helen she leaps out of the window, landing hard on trash and cardboard boxes...but she's still alive.

The music here changes its tone, growing dire and grim.  Helen sees that the fisherman is no longer in the window and she gets to feet and runs to a maze-like alley (seemingly the only escape).

And now the music begins to lighten, almost uplifting.  We're starting to get the feeling that Helen is going escape and get away.  She runs down the pathways and sees it: freedom.

Helen can see the 4th of July parade.  She's in the home stretch.  The music builds to an almost euphoric crescendo.  She's almost there...

...until she stops and turns around, and then back to the parade to find the fisherman standing right in front of her.  Almost sounds implausible until you take into consideration that this is a fishing town.  So a man walking around in a slicker isn't that big of deal or attention-getting.

The fisherman grabs Helen and throws her into a stack of tires.

And sadly, Helen meets her demise.

After an extremely valiant and almost final girl-esque fight, the fisherman comes out on top.  And thus, we were just treated to, in my opinion, the greatest chase scene in slasher movie history!

There were so many highs and lows, moments where all hope seemed lost, and then moments where we thought for sure Helen was going to make it.  All the necessary elements of a good chase, complete with the discovery of a dead loved one.

What do you think?  Is this the best chase ever?


  1. Definitely a high point in a movie that has highs and lows. Definitely one of the better slasher flicks of the 90s, though. Ack - 20 years now?

  2. You're so right! It is the best chase scene I've ever seen. ;)

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