MM Updates: Those '70s T-Shirts, The Ranch & 47 Meters Down!

Okay, it's update time!  I've been on a binge-watching kick lately and I think I might finally be starting to shake it off.  Here's a rundown...

  • I ran through all 9 seasons of That '70s Show and that undoubtedly will explain the surge of That '70s Show-themed shirts and hoodies that have hit the MM store.
    • Also, I love this show to pieces, I'd love a That '70s TV Movie some day.
  • Okay, now speaking of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, their Netflix show, The Ranch, is fucking fantastic.  Sam Elliot shines.  And there's the F-bomb...a lot of them.
  • I finally got around to seeing 47 Meters Down.  I won't post a review, but here's the skinny: it bored me to death.  The premise and set-up seemed promising, but the ultimate execution is lacking.  I applaud Dimension Films for saving this from DTV obscurity, but then again, I think the movie would've benefited from a streaming release.
    • Also, has a shark attack movie ever had a less exciting ending?
So that's that.  I also opened up a Patreon account for MorbidMuch.  I don't expend any donations, but it's there if you must.  

Okay, so go watch The Ranch and then hit me up on Twitter so we can talk about it.

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