All the behind-the-scenes footage of my 2008 short film, The Chase!

If you've ever browsed this site and stumbled upon the Film page, then you've likely seen a short film that my brother and I made in March 2008 called The Chase.  Well, I recently unearthed all of the original video files from that shoot.

I'm currently working on a new cut of the movie to be released in March 2018 (the ten year anniversary).  But in the meantime, you can check out all the footage and compare it to the [then] final cut of the movie.

First up, here's the short in its entirety.  Oh, and please don't laugh too hard at those hideous credit effects (my brother did that!).

And, now, a look behind-the-scenes of a warm late March night in 2008...

The footage above is compiled in the exact order that we shot it in.  I think it's sort of neat to see at the end of the video that we went back and reshot some stuff.  We were both super young and this was our first attempt at cutting our teeth at filmmaking.  And we both learned an awful lot that night as we went.

Watching the footage now, it's a sweet reminder of the past and very much a time capsule of our lives at that time.  Memories I'll never forget.

The Chase gets a re-release in March 2018 -- complete with a new look and score!  Stay tuned!

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