HorrorHound Weekend 2017 recap, sort of.

Another successful HorrorHound Weekend is in the books!  This year marked the tenth anniversary of the first HH convention, one which I attended.  So, yeah, I was little emotional at this one.  Like, where the hell did time go?

The celebrity lineup this year was incredible: a Friday the 13th Part 2 reunion, a Lost Boys reunion (yes, with Corey Feldman), and a slew of other stars of film and TV (including a cool Bates Motel lineup).

I totally forgot Charles Cyphers was going to be there...

...and wow, meeting the Sheriff Brackett was a surreal experience.  And then there's Amy Steel, F13 Part 2's survivor girl.

She's such a sweetheart and just as pretty as ever.

This year's Mask-Fest, brought to us by The HMA (Halloween Mask Association), was better than ever.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos because I'm a fucking idiot -- but it was cool seeing the work of a lot of indie companies I follow online in person.

In the vendor room I found this:

Some cool, custom, wooden Little People.  Had this Scream set had a Billy Loomis, I would've snatched it up in a heartbeat.  Sorry, but I can't remember the name of the company that makes these for the life of me.  I'm horrible.

Thanks for reading this incredibly short and poorly written recap.  Here's looking ahead to HorrorHound Weekend 2018 (where, you know, I hopefully take more pics and provide more/better info).
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