MM Updates: American Vandal, Haunted Houses & American Pie

It's been awhile since my last MM Updates post.  However, if you follow me on Twitter, then you kind of already know what's up.

But, nevertheless, here we go...

  • American Vandal!
    • Last Friday, I just happened to be browsing the Netflix catalog and seen that the "true crime" parody series had finally been released.  I immediately binged all 8 episodes and freaking loved them!
    • If you're a fan of Making a Murderer and enjoying laughing, give this a watch.  Not only is it ridiculously entertaining and funny, it also succeeds in telling a pretty compelling story.  Bring on season two!
  • Haunted Houses!
    • It's that time of the year again!  Posts and updates here on MM will slow down a bit as I also run a haunted house review website.  Can't wait!
  • American Pie!
    • For whatever reason, I found myself revisiting the AP series last week, in no particular order.  I think I started with Band Camp.
    • One takeaway: the series holds up and is still undeniably funny.
  • New merch!
    • Say what?!  Yes, new tees have been designed!  If you check out my stores, you'll see I have added a bunch of new designs centered around the American Pie films and a couple for the American Vandal series.
That's about it for now.  Take care!
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