CRY_WOLF's sweet cell phones!

It's no secret that I love the 2005 meta-slasher flick Cry_Wolf.  I also won't deny the fact that I was very envious of the cell phones that the characters in the film had.  They all had some pretty badass Nokias.  In what was essentially the last year or so before smartphones became a thing (pre-iPhone to you youngsters), Nokia had a line of "smart" phones that are still pretty sweet, even by today's standards.

Let's get started...I'll just run through the movie and highlight every Nokia I come across, "smart" or not.

1. Nokia 3510/3510i (the killer's phone)
Nokia 3510i
Very early on in the film, the beginning, actually, we see the killer pull out their phone and call the victim (Becky) in a successful attempt to locate them.  It' very briefly seen, but the killer is using either a 3510 or a 3510i.  From what I can tell, the two phones have practically identical designs.  But I'm sort of leaning towards a 3510 being used in the film (the light on the sides of the phone lights up white in the movie, like the 3510, while the 3510i has a colored light).

Battery life: 13 days!

Added: After further review, it's definitely the 3510i used in the movie (the colored sides still light-up white).  The 3510i has the color display, while the 3510 has that Matrix-y green.

2. Nokia 3300 (Owen's phone)
Nokia 3300
Now, the first official badass phone we come across is Owen's sweet-as-fuck Nokia 3300.  Back in the day (2005), this thing was like some sort of alien artifact found at Area 51.  No, it was just Nokia's super cool gaming phone.  If there were ever a reason for a phone to be badass without internet, then the Nokia 3300 was that reason.

Oh, yeah, and the 3300 plays MP3s.  So it was a phone and a music player.  Of course, Apple would later capitalize on this about 5 years later.

Battery life: 9.5 days!

Added: The Nokia 3300 came in a few different varieties, but I believe the one I have shown is the closest to what Owen uses in the movie.

3. Nokia 9210i (Tom's phone)
Nokia 9210i
Okay, now Tom's phone was the extremely badass 9210i, a literal computer phone.  Now this phone was a little harder to track down, but I'm 100% confident I have the right model.  This phone had a web browser and a word processor.  This is a legit smartphone.  Made in 2003.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, the small exterior display isn't in color, but really, that's okay...because the interior larger screen is a goddamn desktop.

Battery life: n/a

4. Nokia 3650 (Mercedes' phone)
Nokia 3650
Now, look at this cute little thing.  This phone clearly has more of a rounded design with a decent rear camera.  Like most Nokias, this phone also came in a variety of colors.  Mercedes chose gold.  Makes sense.

Battery life: 8 days!

5. Nokia 7650 (Lewis' phone)
Nokia 7650
Okay, so Lewis seems to have the coolest, most practical phone of the bunch.  It's a classic slider...and it's fucking awesome...with a decent rear AND front-facing(!) camera as well.  The fact that all these phones came equipped AOL Instant Messenger is blowing my mind.  Eh, not totally though, I owned a sweet Nokia back in the day.

Battery life: 9.5 days!

Well, that wraps up this totally pointless and thoroughly researched article on the cell phones used in Cry_Wolf.

Nokia 6800
Oh, and I mentioned earlier that I, too, had a pretty cool Nokia back in the day -- so, here it is, the phone I was using when this movie was released...

...and yes, it also had AIM!

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