MM Updates: New Design & HALLOWEEN

Now's a good enough to time for another MorbidMuch Updates post.  Quite a bit has happened since the last entry.  I won't touch on everything, but I'll hit the essentials. 
  • New site design.
    • I was very happy with the last design/layout, but I figured it was time for something fresh.  I've stuck with the same layout but have gone with a completely new color scheme this go 'round.  I've also forced all the text to be lowercase on purpose (don't @ me).
  • Halloween trailer.
    • So some sort of trailer for the new Halloween dropped at CinemaCon a few days ago and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.  This is a very, very good thing.  The trailer -- which hasn't been seen by the general public -- was slated to be released in about two months, but since the CinemaCon reactions were positive, director David Gordon Green is pushing or an earlier drop.  So fingers crossed that happens soon.
  • The Chase 2
    • You may have seen that I released a new short film titled The Chase 2.  It was just a fun project that a co-worker and I threw together last minute.  It was shot on three different nights (about 45 minutes per night) and shot chronologically (see if you can spot the different days!) on an iPhone 7.
Like I said, I'm not hitting on everything, just the essentials.  Winter is officially over and Spring is almost done.  So that means summer camp slasher season is right around the corner.  Speaking of which, I really need to pick up The Burning on Blu-ray.  But, hey, I finally saw Madman!

Until next time...
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