Quick thoughts on the LAKE PLACID franchise.

I just finished watching Lake Placid: Legacy.  It's the latest in the franchise from Syfy, premiering May 28, 2018, on TV.  So, naturally, I popped the original movie in and am watching that now. 

I figured now would be a good of a time as ever to list my thoughts on the entire franchise.  So let's get started...

The first film came out the summer of 1999, just a month before I entered middle school (sixth grade).  I was already a huge Jaws fan and I jumped at the chance to see this.  Unlike Deep Blue Sea, which came out the same month, I didn't get to see Lake Placid in theaters, but I did rent it almost immediately upon home video release.

I loved it.  I thought it was funny and scary and had a cool-looking killer crocodile.  And to this day, I still love it.

LAKE PLACID 2 (2007)
Eight years after the release of the original, Syfy released their sequel, Lake Placid 2.  There's really not much to say -- it is what it is: a cheap killer croc flick that "tries" to expand upon the mythology of the first movie.  I've seen it once.  And that's good enough.

LAKE PLACID 3 (2010)
Syfy wasn't done.  Three years after part two, Lake Placid 3 was released.  Like the second, I've seen this once but I cannot remember anything about it to save my life.  Maybe time for a rewatch?

Another two years would go by before the fourth and "final" entry came to be.  Like part three, I've seen this once and remember jack-shit.  I would say this is embarrassing not to remember anything but maybe that's a good thing?

This is a real thing that actually exists.  Admittedly, I have not seen this entry.  But I think I should.  Robert Englund is in it (as a relative to the Bickerman sisters).  So this is officially on my to-watch list now.  Do I need to watch the two Anaconda sequels first?

Okay, this one is fresh.  I just finished it.  It revolves around a group of "urban explorers" who break into a section of land that isn't listed on any map.  Inside the land/facility, they discover a giant killer crocodile, which is really more of a prehistoric monster because it's a genetic hybrid of a crocodile and a long-extinct version of one.  The movie takes itself way too serious and that's its biggest fault.  Just have fun with it.  Definitely not the worst of the series.

So there it is, my quick thoughts on the Lake Placid series.  I feel like I really need to revisit everything in between the first and last.  Maybe someday soon.
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