MM Updates: Halloween (2018), Jack-O & Van Life

Just some quick updates.  The site isn't dead, but I'm sure you knew that.  The guestbook had a huge surge the other night when a few Twitter friends stopped by and lit it up.  It's basically a chat room anyway.


  • Halloween (2018)
    • I'm not writing a review but as I stated in another post, I loved the movie.  A lot.  I even pre-ordered the steel book.
  • Van Life
    • I'm getting more and more curious about the whole van life movement.  It's sort of like the tiny house movement, but it's where you basically build a micro house in the back of a cargo van.  And that honestly sounds like something that is right up my alley.  I started following a YouTuber named Chrome (Vancity Vanlife) who has a sweet channel with all sorts cool goodies.
  • Halloween Night
    • Another year is in the books.  The kids had a blast.  Chase went as real-world Mario and Alex went as Batman (or Batman: The Dark Knight as he says).  Lots of photos on Instagram.  I went as the Sunny the 13th killer from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ads for the thirteenth season.
Also, per my traditional Halloween night viewing of Jack-O, I noticed something within the movie I had never noticed before.  At the 1:15:24 mark in the movie, there's a quick flash.  What is that flash, you ask?  A single frame from the movie Scalps has been spliced in.  Don't know why.  I even messaged the director and asked and he had no clue it was in there.  Weird.  Spliced frame shown here.

That's about it for now.  Why are you not following me on Twitter?
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