I've never really thought about it before, but Urban Legend is totally Friends meets Scream.  Let me explain.  I've been binge-watching Friends on Netflix so the show's pretty fresh in my mind...and I saw that Michael Rosenbaum tweeted about horror movies the other day and it reminded me of Urban Legend.

And then it hit me: Urban Legend is totally Friends meets Scream.

The Scream part is obvious...a modern slasher whodunit.  After the opening kill in Urban Legend, the film moves to a campus coffee house (hello, Central Perk).  And we then meet the cast...

Parker is Chandler.
Natalie is Monica.
Brenda is Rachel.
Paul is Ross.
Damon is Joey.
Sasha is Phoebe.

How in the hell has this never donned on me before? Granted, Natalie and Brenda as Monica and Rachel are kind of interchangeable, but still.  This totally makes sense.

Happy 2019, everyone.
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