MM Updates: I have not abandoned ye, old friend.

Fear not, for I am still here. I've actually been pre-occupied trying to resurrect my old Scream website. Hell, I even published a few new posts on Sequel Buzz. Insert shoulder shrug emoji.

In all honesty, I often forget that I have a "personal" blog.

Also, it took me three days to watch the third season of Stranger Things, if that's any indication of where I'm at in life. Ha. But I will say this: season three fucking rocked! Loved it. Every second. And dare I season yet? I really hope there is a fourth season, but please, Netflix, don't milk this cow dry. I really just want some definitive confirmations on a certain character's fate. Is that too much to ask?

Earlier today, I swung by the mall and grabbed Hopper's Hawaiian shirt from Hot Topic, because why not (I also snagged a Scoops Ahoy tee).

I've already been asked a few times today about what I thought of last night's Scream: Resurrection premiere on VH1. The truth is...I don't have VH1 and it's not showing up on any of my streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime or YouTube TV -- so I'll have to wait until it hits Netflix (which should be soon, according to a few sources).

Basically, I'm just out of the loop on everything nowadays.

That's it. I still occasionally pop up on Twitter and post something stupid. Come say, "Hi!"
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